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– Memory Hack 

– Anti Ban

– Coin Increase Instead of decrease   (Reset Points/Buy in the store)

– Points Increase Instead of decrease 

– Unlimited Energy 

– No Craft Level Required 

– Building House Everywhere! 

– Destroy other House! 

– All Switch always Enabled! 


 – Freeze All Inbox Item! Clone Every item! 

– Freeze All Crates 

– Earn to max Stock

– Duplicate Item

– Item Max Stock 200+

– Freeze all consumable

– Unlock all blueprints

– Max Player Level

– No Armor Durability

– No Weapon Durability

– Free Building House

– Free Upgrading House (has some bug sometimes)

– Easy Finalize (Just earn 1 pz for every parts, like chopper atv helicopter..)

- Bow Super High Damage *(One Hit Kill)

- Bow Fast Reload

- One Hit Kill Big One!

-- New Features --

-- Full Item One Hit Kill

- Guns, swords, woods, bow.. etc.



Note:  Never Craft unrelased item.  this will crash your game progress and stuck in the loading screen!!

*(Find a methode for this..  if you have crafted a unrelased item just before close the game kill your character and you save will not broken and stuck!)


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  • Compatibility:
    Requires iOS 9.0 or later.